Body Contouring

More About SculpSure Body Contouring

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough. If your weekly workout routine hasn’t resulted in a perfectly flat stomach or the ideal thighs, body contouring may be the answer. These non-invasive procedures help people eliminate small, stubborn pockets of fat, allowing them to achieve their body goals. SculpSure is one of the most popular types of contouring. 

How It Works

SculpSure uses the science of light to get rid of fat. During this non-invasive procedure, laser energy targets unwanted fat cells. The temperature of the fat cells is increased, until the structure of the cells is fundamentally damaged. While the procedure damaged the fat cells, it is specifically designed so that the skin’s surface is left unharmed. The procedure itself typically takes less than half an hour. 

The results of SculpSure won’t be immediate. It can take the body’s lymphatic system three months to eliminate the damaged cells. Once all of the damaged cells are out of the body, however, patients will certainly notice the difference. After a round of treatments, bodies are slimmer and more sculpted. 

Why It’s Great

There are many reasons to choose this treatment. For one thing, it’s non-invasive. That means that it forces the body to eliminate fat via light, instead of requiring the invasive techniques of traditional liposuction. This ensures minimal downtime. This treatment is also extremely effective. It can be used to reduce fat all over the body, including the inner thighs, outer thighs, back, flanks, and abdomen. After a simple 25-minute appointment, patients see great, natural-looking results. 

What To Expect During and After the Procedure

The treatment process is quick and largely painless. At the beginning of a treatment session, the skin is cooled. This is to enhance patient comfort and relieve any pain associated with the heat treatments. After the cooling period, the laser cycles will begin. Most patients report a deep warm feeling in the treated areas, and some experience a tingling sensation. These feelings are rarely painful, and most patients find it easy to tolerate this body contouring treatment. 

After the 25-minute treatment session, patients are allowed to resume their normal lives. Many people undergo the treatment on their lunch break, and return to work right afterwards. There is no downtime associated with this procedure. That’s a major incentive for many patients who don’t want to take time off of work for a procedure like liposuction. 

If you’re interested in this effective procedure, get in touch with us to learn more!