Office Updates….

  • We are pleased announce that receptionist Jasmin is expecting her second child. Join us in wishing Jasmin a healthy and easy pregnancy.
  • Our website will soon get a new look, but don’t worry… we are still the same practice.
  • We are beginning a new “Reputation Management” campaign and plan to send an email to our patients to inquire about their satisfaction. Your positive reviews on Yelp or Google are always greatly appreciated.
  • We like satisfied patients and strive to provide the best care possible to keep you healthy and happy. We are pleased to continue offering the convenience of online payments. Patients have been thrilled with how easy it is to pay their bill.
  • Consider a “virtual appointment” with Dr. Norma if you can’t wait for the next available in-office appointment, can’t miss school or work, or simply need to be “seen” prior to getting a refill on medication. Go to our website and click on “Start an Online Visit” or Click here!
  • Did you know that Tumescent Liposuction Breast Reduction for post menopausal women is a much easier procedure than traditional breast reduction? You have faster recovery and less postoperative pain without the general anesthesia risks. Visit for more information or call to book your consultation appointment with Dr. Klein or Dr. Norma.
  • Dr. Klein continues to have great success treating patients with post herpetic neuralgia and acute shingles with ZosterRX. ZosterRx uses tumescent local anesthesia to deliver Acyclovir and other medications directly into the tissues, significantly reducing the pain associated with acute shingles and chronic post herpetic neuralgia. Spread the news, as over 33% of adults will develop shingles in their life time.
  • This is a good time of year to treat your pre-cancerous keratosis with Ameluz or Fluorouracil. Patients with many moles or a history of melanoma can use the app miiskin to alert you to any changing mole. Be sure to come in for your regular skin check at the appropriate intervals and whenever a mole has changed.
  • Don’t forget to love your skin by applying HK Tretinoin or Retinol every night and HK Oil free sunscreen every day (even during winter months).

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Don’t neglect your neck when you seek an aesthetic anti-aging
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neck before&after

Use Radiesse, a biostimulatory filler to stimulate collagen
production, and reduce fine lines and crepey skin.

One Syringe of Radiesse
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$500 for Volbella
$600 for Vollure

A $100-150 Savings
Must use the full syringe


Dermaneedle and Inject PRF to
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*Frontal Hairline and Part

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Permanently Reduce
Underarm Sweat
Most patients are satisfied after
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Free Consultation

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