Exciting Office Announcement

We are excited to announce that we now offer
Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) for Keloids!

Studies show there is a 90%+ success rate
with excision of the keloid followed by one to three days of SRT Treatments.

Introductory Offer
Free Consultation!

Scar excision followed by 1-3 days of SRT treatment
Treatment may be covered by your insurance company


A keloid is a scar caused by an excessive amount of collagen and fibrous tissue in the area, causing distortion, itching, and sometimes pain. Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloid tissue tends to grow beyond the boundaries of the original scar. A hypertrophic scar is a thick and raised scar in which the excess tissue remains within the boundaries of the original injury. This is not a treatment for hypertrophic scars.


Office Announcements

§ Happy Retirement…We are sad to announce nurse Pauline will be retiring at the end of August. Please take this opportunity to say goodbye at your next visit.

§ Blessings…We are excited for Jasmin as she will welcoming her new bundle of joy in August. Jasmin plans an extended maternity leave starting in August..

§ New face at the check-in desk: Please welcome Linda to the practice. Linda spent the last 23 years at a medical office in Newport Beach. Luckily for us, Linda got tired of the heavy traffic during her commute and decided to join our family!

§ Shingles Vaccine: One in three adults over the age 50 will develop painful Shingles in their lifetime. We recently received additional doses of the Shingles Vaccine which we will offer to patients on a first come, first served basis. The vaccine has been back-ordered and is difficult the get. It is recommended that patients receive two doses. We are charging $200 per dose. You simply need to make an appointment with the nurse to receive the vaccine. You may purchase one dose at a time, or you can prepay and reserve your second dose given two months after the original dose.

§ Computer System: We are growing to love our new computer system as we learn how to use all of it’s advanced features. Soon, we will have the ability to remind patients of their appointments via automated phone messages, emails and/or texts. We will happily accommodate patients preferring a postcard for their 6 -12 month return visits. We thank you for your patience with minor glitches in payment posting. No worries if you were one of the few patients that received a bill in error due to an delay in applying the payment to your account – most accounts have already been corrected with an easy fix.

Protect your skin from the inside- out!

Introducing… Heliocare!

ADVANCED FORMULA: Nicotinamide (vitamin B3). Helps improve the appearance of skin while acting as a second form of protection with your sunscreen!


It’s Summer Season!

Be confident in your own
skin and start Summer Lovin’ !



Summer Legs
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Bikini Hair Laser
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Can you handle the heat?

The summer sun is fun, but the extra heat can really make you sweat! Now you can avoid embarrassing sweat stains with miraDry.

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No Frowns

HK Dermatology is proud to introduce…


Introductory offer $11 / unit and

1st 10 patients participating in the online survey will receive $50 off or patients purchasing 40 units of more will receive a $75 virtual credit card, while supplies last.

$50 off or $75 virtual credit cart, not both

15 units Botox FREE,
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Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays!
Buy both the Mineral Brush & Eryfotona Actinica DNA Repair
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