Brotox: Botox for Men

Have you heard the term ‘Brotox’, yet? If you have, it’s not surprising. As more and more men are beginning to see the benefits of Botox, the word has been used more often. How many more men, you may be asking? Well, Brotox has increased an astounding 258% in, roughly, the last decade.

But why the sudden increase? What’s made men suddenly decide that Botox is something that they should be concerned with? After all, in the past men have faced a lot of ridicule for undergoing any sort of enhancements.

Let’s take a look at a few key points to discover why men have changed their mind about changing their looks!

  • Part of the reason is because it can give men an edge in the workplace and dating arenas. A man who looks younger feels younger and is more confident. And when it comes to men, confidence really does count.
    So whether it’s getting that new job or promotion or snagging an attractive date, many men are opting to get Botox treatments to battle the signs of aging.
  • Another key point is that, with the metrosexual movement, men aren’t as chastised now as they used to be for wanting to look good. It used to be that if a man wanted to get work done to look better, he’d be ragged on and ridiculed. Nowadays it doesn’t have such a stigma.
  • Though not directly related, body modifications of all kinds have been on the rise for years, as well. From muscle implants to tattoos to horns and teeth caps, society as a whole has been much more accepting of people using their bodies to express themselves.
  • It’s also an easy fix to look and feel better. Botox has no downtime and will have you looking better quickly. When you look good you feel good, and there’s no shame in wanting to feel good. Many men like the fact that they can undergo a quick procedure and start feeling more confident straight away.

So regardless of why you may be looking into botox, you aren’t alone.

Many men are getting on the Brotox train, and they aren’t regretting it. Whether you’re wanting a competitive edge or just want to look great and feel confident, we have you covered. Just get in touch with us for a consultation to see exactly what Botox can do for you.