Liposuction Bikini Season

How Liposuction Will Prepare You for Bikini Season

Most people approach the summer season with dread when they’re not ready to spend time showing off their body in swimwear. It can be easy to avoid spending time at the pool when you’re feeling self-conscious about your muffin top or saddlebag thighs. If you want to prepare for wearing a bikini and have a fun season ahead, there are a few ways liposuction can help.

Contour the Body

Liposuction is an ideal option for those who are at a healthy weight but have problem areas that they want to improve. Although it’s not a major weight loss surgery, it can contour specific areas of the body that you’re unhappy with on your figure. You may have attempted to lose weight on the hips or exercise your arms to no avail. The procedure contours the body by removing fat cells in unresponsive areas that are not slimming down due to diet or exercise. You can show off a more proportionate shape in your trunks or bikini without worrying about having love handles or a beer belly.

Reduce the Breast Size

Both men and women struggle with having a chest that may protrude and is too large. For women, this can make it difficult to find a bikini that fits properly or has enough support. Breast reduction surgery is an ideal option for females and involves the use of local anesthesia, which will allow the breasts to be lifted. The quick recovery process and the minimal amount of pain involved make it easy to return to your normal activities in a short amount of time. 20 to 50 percent of the breast tissue can be removed without scarring on the skin. There is also a minimal risk of postoperative complications.

For men, the chest is one of the most common areas where liposuction is performed. Most men who are at a healthy weight have a small amount of glandular tissue and fatty tissue on the breasts. Both breast tissue and fatty tissue can be removed from the normal male breast, which can make it easy to take your shirt off while lounging poolside.

Reduce Your Pooch

One of the most common fears for women is wondering if someone will ask when they’re expecting. Instead of leaving people guessing if you’re pregnant, you can slim your tummy with abdominal liposuction after having a baby or if you have stubborn fat that won’t burn off. You can even sculpt your abs with the procedure and remove a c-section bulge that is present.

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