Preventative Botox

Preventative Botox: Is it Worth the Hype?

When you feel better about yourself, it has a positive effect on your overall physical health. This is especially important as we age. Active, happy, aging adults both live and are able to contribute to society longer. Cosmetic surgery can’t stop the clock. But it definitely should be one of the resources to consider when moving from one phase of life to another. Preventative Botox is getting a lot of attention these days as an effective treatment for wrinkles with few side effects. Read on to learn more about preventive Botox applications and other cosmetic plastic surgery options.

Why Botox?
Botox as a cosmetic surgery option hasn’t been without controversy. After all, isn’t it poison? It is indeed a strain of botulism, but in purified form. This means that it’s perfectly safe to use if administered properly. Preventative Botox has been effectively used to treat chronic migraines and a muscle condition that can lead to functional blindness. And in cosmetic surgery, Botox can effectively reduce the appearance of lines on foreheads and around eyes.

This happens because Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles at the treatment site, preventing them from contracting. This gives skin at the treatment site a smoother, softer appearance. Preventative Botox treatment works best in areas where the patient still has a full range of muscle movement. If a patient is determined to be a good candidate, the surgeon will inject Botox into underlying muscles. The procedure takes only a few minutes, and its effects can last up to six months. If properly done by a certified doctor, side effects (commonly headaches and site pain) are rare. Botox isn’t a permanent solution for lines and wrinkles. But many patients find that Botox applications last longer with subsequent applications.

Alternatives To Botox 
Depending where the offending lines are, cosmetic fillers can be an alternative to Botox. Like Botox, these materials are injected directly into the skin. Collagen is a popular and effective filler, but there are today many synthetic options as well. Collagen generally needs to be reapplied two to four times a year. Side effects are rare. Synthetic fillers can last much longer, but can sometimes result in allergic reactions. Your plastic surgeon can avoid this with pre treatment allergy testing. 

Because of the ease of these treatments, many individuals attempt to inject themselves with Botox and fillers. In unqualified hands, these treatments can cause serious and permanent injury. So in order to guarantee proper and effective treatment with great results, contact a board certified and licensed surgeon today for a consultation. The results will not only be apparent to you, but everyone around you.