Fat Grafting Face And Hands

Hand and Facial Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting for a More Youthful Appearance
Your hands and face are the most exposed areas of your body, and therefore are more prone to show signs of aging more quickly than the rest of your body. A glowing face that’s plump and firm is a sign that you’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth. So as you get older, and the hollow areas in your face and hands become more noticeable, what can you do to reverse these signs of aging?


With a fat grafting transfer, you can make your hands and face look more youthful. In a fat grafting transfer, fat is liposuctioned from a donor area(s), sterilized, and then re-injected into areas of your face or hands where plumpness and volume would create a more youthful look.

Facial Fat Transfer

Since the fat in your face tends to reduce as you age, hollow depressions start to appear. These depressions can cause some skin drooping, which can make you look more old and sunken in.

By removing fat from another area of the body, you can fill in these sunken features to restore volume and plumpness, and look much younger as a result.

Hands Fat Transfer

It’s common to have only a small amount of fat in your hands, even for teenage. But as you age lose more and more body fat naturally, the fat in your hands diminishes, exposing your bones, veins, and tendons. Not only that, but bruising becomes almost effortless.


To not only reduce the signs of aging, but also reduce bruising, go for a hand rejuvenation. In the same way a facial fat grafting transfer is done, you can add volume and enhance the smooth contours of your hands, and improve the skin’s durability.

How Facial or Hand Fat Grafting Transfer Works

A fat transfer, also known as a fat grafting procedure, takes excess fat from other body areas, and inserts the fat into the face and/or hands that need volume or plumping.

Before the fat is injected using small, fine needles, it’s purified and treated to preserve the stem cells present in the fat. The process ensures the fat is healthy and able to survive in its new location.

Using precise and meticulous injections, the plastic surgeon places the fat in the desired areas. There is usually no need for any sutures. Many clients, who want to remove more fat from the donor areas, have a traditional liposuction after the fat for transfer is removed.

This procedure results in a healthier glow, natural-looking rejuvenation and restores a younger look by reducing signs of aging.


Recovery After a Fat Grafting Transfer

After the procedure, to protect the fat newly transferred to the hands and/or face, there are a few precautions:

  • Protect the face and hands from any potential physical injury or trauma.
  • Avoid activities or movements that may cause stress or strain.

Given that no incisions occur, there’s no concern about possible hand and/or facial scarring.

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